TechLink is a US Department of Defense (DoD) Partnership Intermediary per Authority 15 USC 3715, based at Montana State University, Bozeman.  Our primary activity is brokering license agreements between DoD labs and US industry for manufacture and use of DoD inventions.  These inventions involve virtually all technology fields, including medicine, software, electronics, communications, advanced materials, and energy-related technologies.

Technology Spotlight

Our technology summaries highlight the features and benefits of select DoD inventions available for licensing. These are just a few of the many technology summaries.


The United States Air Force Research laboratory (AFRL) Information Directorate seeks industry partners to license and commercialize the Android Team Awareness Kit.

Enhanced Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Metal organic frameworks are a leading class of porous materials for a wide variety of applications, such as gas storage, separations, catalysis, and even toxic gas removal. However, many MOFs that are highly active towards toxic chemicals are prone to decomposition due to moisture. Many efforts have focused on developing MOFs that are air-stable and water-stable so they can survive harsh field environments.

Low Alloy, High Impact Toughness Steel

The US Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin AFB has developed and scaled up to 200,000lb+ quantity USAF-96TM Steel. USAF-96 Steel is a low alloy steel that when thermally processed with the inventive method has the following typical values: an ultimate tensile strength of 245 ksi; yield strength at 0.2% offset of 187 ksi; elongation to failure of 13%; and an impact toughness as measured with a Charpy V-notch test @ -40oC of 30 ft-lb.