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The Ruck Dock

The US Air Force Research Laboratory seeks companies to license and manufacture the Ruck Dock, a load carriage connector system designed to enable rapid mounting and demounting of personal load bearing equipment

Linear Rope Brake System for Aerial Delivery

The Army Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC) has developed an aerial delivery device to provide control over dissemination of supplies through a novel linear braking system. Sometimes supplies need to be lowered from a helicopter to the ground, such as when the military resupplies ground troops or aid organizations lower medicine/food to civilian disaster areas.

Composite C-Channel: An Incrementally Adjustable Fluid Control System

The ability to selectively adjust levels and flow rates in fluid control systems is a fundamental aspect of dredged material and fluid management, and necessary to numerous farm and industrial processes. Historically, fluid management structures such as gates and weirs, offer limited options for controlling levels and volume. Installation is generally permanent, with modifications being difficult and expensive.

Modular Protective System Multipurpose Guard Tower

When we send our men and women to war, we owe them equipment designed to keep them as safe as humanly possible and that enhances their ability to accomplish the mission. The Modular Protective System (MPS) Multipurpose Guard Tower satisfies these requirements with a lightweight, rapidly-constructed protection system that can be expediently deployed in remote locations and accommodate crew-served weapons systems.

Mobile Power Distribution System

The more technologically advanced our military forces and emergency service providers have become, the more dependent they are on the availability of a reliable and accessible source of power. The Mobile Power Distribution System (MPDS) brings portable, adaptable and dependable energy to field operations. This containerized, ruggedized system supplies electricity to a variety of outlets and switches.


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