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Wideband Planar Reconfigurable Polarization Antenna Array

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An antenna array includes a plurality of sub-arrays each having a plurality of linearly polarized antenna elements, with each antenna element having an orthogonal feed orientation with respect to its adjacent antenna elements, and at least two feed lines each connected by at least one sub-feed line to at least two antenna elements having orthogonal feed orientations such that each antenna eleme

System And Method For Electromagnetic-Based Propulsion

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A system and method may include energizing one or more of a plurality of electromagnets contained within and fixedly distributed about a first region of a structure and de-energizing other of the electromagnets to attract a substance contained and movable within a second region of the structure to the energized electromagnets and change the center of gravity of the structure.

Meteorology And Oceanography Geospatial Analysis Toolset

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System and method for providing access to ArcMap netCDF utilities and adding support for observational data to ArcMap including, but not limited to, comparing observational data to model data in a graphical manner, and maintaining the security classifications for each layer in ArcMap so that the highest security classification of the data being viewed is known at all times.

Method For Studying The Evolution Of Damage In Cylinders Subjected To Internal Radial Explosion

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A method for extracting material and mechanical properties of a cylinder subject to expansion cause by an explosion so as to better understand the evolution of damage. The method is directed towards obtaining material and mechanical properties of the cylinder between an undeformed state and a state of deformation prior to total fracture.

Jacketed Bullet

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A jacketed bullet having a penetrator constructed of a hard material in line with a slug having a lower modulus. At least a portion of both the slug and the penetrator are then encased by a metal jacket. A plurality of circumferentially spaced and axially extending flutes are formed along the slug and possibly the penetrator.

Apparatus And Method For Safely Depressurizing Milling Vials

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The invention is an apparatus and method for safely depressurizing milling vials. The invention utilizes a machinist vise in communication with a pneumatic air cylinder mounted in a jig inside glove box enclosure. The invention utilizes a method for safely depressurizing milling vials. The milling vials are placed into the machinist vise inside the enclosure.

Meningococcal Multivalent Native Outer Membrane Vesicle Vaccine, Methods Of Making And Use Thereof

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The present technology provides vaccine compositions comprising native outer membrane vesicles (NOMVs) from at least one genetically modified strain of Neisseria which provides protective immunity to meningococcal disease, more preferably subtype B meningococcal disease.

Medical Logistic Planning Software & Information Technology

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The present invention is a Software & Information Technology, methods, and system for creating and editing a medical logistics simulation model and for presenting the simulation model simulated within a military or disaster relief scenario. A user interface that allows a user to enter and edit platforms and associated attributes for a simulation model.

Recombinant Polypeptide Construct Comprising Multiple Enterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli Fimbrial Subunits

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The inventive subject matter relates to a recombinant polypeptide constructs comprising enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli fimbrial subunits. The recombinant polypeptide constructs comprise multiple subunits to the same or different ETEC fimbrial types. The constructs are useful for inclusion in immunogenic formulations for the induction of immunity against entertoxigenic Escherichia coli.

Ferroelectric Mechanical Memory And Method

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A memory device comprising a base; a capacitor comprising a ferroelectric layer and at least two electrically conductive layers, the ferroelectric layer being located between the at least two electrically conductive layers; each of the at least two conductive layers being operatively connected to a current source; a cantilever attached to the base at first end and movable at a second end, the f

Quantum Memory Device And Method

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A system and method involve generating an electric field across a superconductor device having an ionic layer disposed between and separated from first and second superconductor layers by respective first and second barrier layers. The electric field may be generated by applying an input signal, such as a voltage, to the superconductor device while the device is in a superconducting state.

Electronic Circuitry Having Superconducting Tunnel Junctions With Functional Electromagnetic-Responsive Tunneling Regions

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A device includes at least one superconducting tunnel junction having a junction region comprising a junction barrier material responsive to electromagnetic fields within the MHz to THz range. The junction may be contained within a bi-SQUID loop having two main junctions and a center junction.