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Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

Electrospun Dextran Fibers And Devices Formed Therefrom

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The invention generally relates to dextran fibers which are preferably electrospun and devices formed from such fibers. In particular, such devices may include substances of interest (such as therapeutic substances) associated with the electrospun fibers. Upon exposure to a liquid the electrospun fibers dissolve immediately and the substances of interest are released into the liquid.

Tamper-Evident Label With Multiple Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Of Different Sensitivity

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A tamper-evident label that includes a substrate. On the substrate is deposited more than one adhesive. Each adhesive is sensitive to a different condition. The adhesives are deposited throughout the substrate in user-definable patterns. A release layer is placed on the adhesives for ease of transport and application, but is removed prior to affixation of the tamper-evident label.

Advanced Thin Flexible Microelectronic Assemblies And Methods For Making Same

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A thin, flexible microelectronic assembly using thinned die (5-10 microns and lower) produced by growing a 1 _m-10 _m silicon epitaxial (Epi) layer on an oxidized silicon carrier. The integrated circuit process takes place in the standard manner in the Epi layer. The oxide layer and the silicon carrier serve as the backside handle.

Electronic Circuitry Having Superconducting Tunnel Junctions With Functional Electromagnetic-Responsive Tunneling Regions

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A device includes at least one superconducting tunnel junction having a junction region comprising a junction barrier material responsive to electromagnetic fields within the MHz to THz range. The junction may be contained within a bi-SQUID loop having two main junctions and a center junction.

Transparent Armor Construction

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A transparent armor construction having a laminate structure with at least two layers. The layers are constructed of two different materials selected from the group of glass, ceramic, resin, polymeric material, and plastic and in which the at least two layers include different coefficients of thermal expansion.

Interleaving Angled Hexagonal Tile For Flexible Armor

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An interleaving hexagonal tile (AHT) is provided for incorporation onto a liner in an array for a personnel armor clothing article. The AHT includes a hexagonally-symmetric solid object composed of a homogeneous material. The object includes a geometry that has obverse and reverse planar surfaces parallel to each other. Each planar surface has triangularly disposed terminals.

Thin-Film Electro Devices Based On Derivatized Poly (Benzo-Isimidazobenzophenanthroline) Ladder Polymers

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A method for making electronic devices based on derivatized ladder polymer poly(benzo-isimidazobenzophenanthroline) (BBL) including photovoltaic modules and simple thin film transistors in planar and mechanically flexible and stretchable constructs.

High Density Fuels From Isoprene

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A method for producing high density fuels from isoprene which can be produced via biosynthetic routes using biomass sugars as feedstock. This allows for the production of isoprene and isoprene-derived fuels from abundant waste materials with the potential to significantly reduce DoD carbon emissions.

Nanoscale Solid State Graphene Terahertz Emitter

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A nanoscale solid state terahertz emitter employs a layered half-cylinder associated with a substrate. The half-cylinder is configured with a channel having a pre-determined channel length. The emitter is defined in a three-dimensional frame of reference. The layered half-cylinder includes a conductor layer bonded to the substrate. An insulator layer is bonded to the conductor layer.

Binary Or Higher Order High-Density Thermodynamically Stable Nanostructured Copper-Based Tantalum Metallic Systems, And Methods Of Making The Same

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A binary or higher order high-density thermodynamically stable nanostructured copper-tantalum based metallic system according to embodiments of the invention may be formed of: a solvent of copper (Cu) metal that comprises 70 to 100 atomic percent (at. %) of the metallic system; and a solute of tantalum (Ta) metal dispersed in the solvent metal, that comprises 0.01 to 15 at.

Multilayered Plexcitonic Nanoparticles And Methods Of Producing Same For Controlling Plasmon-Exciton Distance

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Multilayered nanoparticles and methods of producing same are provided for controlling plasmon-exciton distance. The nanoparticles include a silver core, a polyelectrolyte spacer layer exterior to the silver core, and a J-aggregate cyanine dye outer shell.


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