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Modified Tail Fin

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A dart tail fin assembly includes a cylindrical dart body with a nose, a tail opposite the nose and an outer surface extending from the nose to the tail. A plurality of tail fins is attached to and spaced around the outer surface of the dart body.

Ring Cam And Ring Cam Assembly For Dynamically Controlling Pitch Of Cycloidal Rotor Blades

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A new ring cam and ring cam assembly, developed for providing more diverse dynamic pitching schedules for cyclorotor blades, particularly for providing both cyclic and collective pitch control, can be used for any apparatus where dynamic variation of cam controlled movement is needed.

Cargo Suspension Frame For Aircraft

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The bottom surface of an aircraft, such as an Osprey V-22 propeller driven aircraft, has at least four distributed hook attachment points. A load suspension apparatus is attached to the four attachment points with elongated slings. The load suspension apparatus includes an upper rigid frame and a lower rigid frame of lesser dimensions.

Aircraft Ground Effect Altimeter For Autonomous Landing Control

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Embodiments of the invention use ground effect to determine how close an aircraft is to the ground. An electronic processor communicates with a navigation unit on an aircraft. The aircraft has an electronic instrument cluster for takeoff and landing control. An aircraft model is received from the navigation unit and used to compute aircraft modeled quantities.

Disseminated Vapor Capture Device

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A disseminated vapor capture device for challenging a gas sampling apparatus with a vapor stream, includes an inlet being adapted for connection to a vapor generating apparatus producing a vapor stream containing target particles or analytes, an outer shell enclosing an inner chamber in communication with the inlet, the inner chamber being adapted for passing the vapor stream therethrough, an o

Angularly Unbounded Three-Axis Spacecraft Simulator

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A method of simulating 3-degrees of freedom spacecraft rotational dynamics is provided that includes attaching a payload, using a spherical air bearing, to an inner gimbal of a 3-axis gimbal, where the 3-axis gimbal includes an outer gimbal, a mid-gimbal and the inner gimbal, using a motion controller to control motion of each the gimbal of the 3-axis gimbal, where the motion controller include

System And Method For Airborne Deployment Of Object Designed For Waterborne Task

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An airborne deployment system and method for deploying an object designed. for a waterborne task. An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has an object such as an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) releasably coupled thereto. The UAV is guided to a target site on a body of water in accordance with navigation. rules predicated on navigation capability of the UAV.

Method And Apparatus For Contingency Guidance Of A Cmg-Actuated Spacecraft

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Methods and apparatus are presented for spacecraft operation using non-Eigen axis attitude transitions via control momentum gyroscopes (CMGs) to avoid or mitigate singularities by providing a time-varying attitude command vector including a plurality of time-varying attitude command signals or values representing a plurality of spacecraft states and control trajectories as a guidance command in

Center Of Gravity Determination Apparatus For Fixed Wing Aerial Systems

Patent Identifier: 

A Center of Gravity Determination Apparatus for Fixed Wing Aerial Systems (NC#102046) comprising a lifting support structure designed to support a fixed wing aerial system (FWAS) wherein the lifting support structure allows the FWAS to freely pitch, a 3-D translation mechanism, operatively coupled to the lifting support structure, designed to precisely position the lifting support structure in


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