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Environmental Technology

Meteorology And Oceanography Geospatial Analysis Toolset

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System and method for providing access to ArcMap netCDF utilities and adding support for observational data to ArcMap including, but not limited to, comparing observational data to model data in a graphical manner, and maintaining the security classifications for each layer in ArcMap so that the highest security classification of the data being viewed is known at all times.

System And Method For Atmospheric Parameter Enhancement

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System and method for enhancing at least one atmospheric parameter of interest provided in remotely-sensed data by detecting and suppressing false alarm data, including computer code to receive measurement data and background including false alarms, computer code to conduct detection tests for the atmospheric parameter, computer code to compute the strength of the tests, and computer code to we

High Density Fuels From Isoprene

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A method for producing high density fuels from isoprene which can be produced via biosynthetic routes using biomass sugars as feedstock. This allows for the production of isoprene and isoprene-derived fuels from abundant waste materials with the potential to significantly reduce DoD carbon emissions.

Joint Contrast Enhancement And Turbulence Mitigation Method

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A method involves generating a denoised image by performing a denoising operation on an input image of an object, the input image having turbulence and a contrast reducing scattering medium therein, generating a contrast enhanced image from the denoised image using a contrast enhancement algorithm, estimating a global motion vector of the contrast enhanced image using an image alignment algorit

Method And Apparatus For Prolonging The Service Life Of A Collective Protection Filter Using A Supplemental Bed

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A method for extending the service life of a Collective Protection (CP) filter includes: providing at least one CP filter comprising a filter bed; and passing an airstream through a supplemental bed configured to enhance the filter bed by promoting reactions that facilitate the removal of one or more of chemical warfare agents and toxic threat compounds.

Single Image Contrast Enhancement Method Using The Adaptive Wiener Filter

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A method involves using an adaptive wiener filter to generate a veiling estimate for a dark channel prior of each pixel in a single image having a contrast reducing scattering medium therein, where a global noise variance for the image is used to generate the veiling estimate and the global noise variance is naively estimated using all of the pixels in the image.

Apparatus For Testing Vapor Emissions From Materials

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An apparatus comprising a dynamic vapor microchamber having a recessed area that accommodates a test material that includes chemical vapors emitted therefrom; an air inlet chamber that directs a flow of air towards the recessed area; at least one air flow wall adjacent to the recessed area and intersecting the flow of air, wherein the at least one air flow wall disrupts the air flow field as it

Non-Pyrotechnic, Low Observable Tracer

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A method of manufacturing a low observable photoluminescent tracer projectile, for use with a small caliber weapon at nightwhich method utilizes a base phosphor material of Ca, Sr and S, or a base phosphor material of Y2, O2, and Swith a combination of minor dopant ingredients; which base phosphor material is mixed with a clear binder to form a photoluminescent material which is applied to the

Automatic Weapon Suppressor

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A suppressor for rapid fire weapons designed to rapidly bleed down the weapon pressure and thereby minimizing gas blowback to the operator and to the weapon's gas operating system; while also creating a shear gas flow about the exiting bullet's gas flow to mask the flash thereof.

Variable Resolution Uncertainty Expert System For Digital Bathymetry Database

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System and method for estimating uncertainty by obtaining conditional probability densities of bathymetric uncertainty due to navigation error and bottom slope using a Monte Carlo technique, using the Monte Carlo results to train a Bayesian Network to provide the causal relationships of navigation error and bottom slope to bathymetric uncertainty, producing a histogram of bathymetric uncertaint

Binary Or Higher Order High-Density Thermodynamically Stable Nanostructured Copper-Based Tantalum Metallic Systems, And Methods Of Making The Same

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A binary or higher order high-density thermodynamically stable nanostructured copper-tantalum based metallic system according to embodiments of the invention may be formed of: a solvent of copper (Cu) metal that comprises 70 to 100 atomic percent (at. %) of the metallic system; and a solute of tantalum (Ta) metal dispersed in the solvent metal, that comprises 0.01 to 15 at.

Water-Lined Munition Container

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A storage apparatus for a munition that contains energetic material uses a water-filled liner to absorb heat applied from the exterior of the storage apparatus. The liner is disposed between the munition and a metal storage container. The liner has segregated compartments which release water into either the storage container or the liner itself. The released water boils and forms steam.


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