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Lightguides To Simplify Total Emission Detection For Multiphoton Microscopy

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Light collectors for fluorescence microscopy include slab light guides having a specimen volume such as a specimen well configured to retain a specimen. The specimen volume is bounded by a surface of the slab light guide that permits laterally propagating fluorescence to enter the slab light guide and propagate toward a detection or imaging system.

Methods For Treating Leukemia And Disorders Mediated By Cbf_ And Runx1 Proteins

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A method for treating core binding factor (CBF) leukemia in a subject, comprising administering to a subject having CBF leukemia a therapeutically effective amount of a compound, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or ester thereof, that inhibits CBF_ and RUNX1 binding in the subject, thereby treating the CBF leukemia.

Electrospun Dextran Fibers And Devices Formed Therefrom

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The invention generally relates to dextran fibers which are preferably electrospun and devices formed from such fibers. In particular, such devices may include substances of interest (such as therapeutic substances) associated with the electrospun fibers. Upon exposure to a liquid the electrospun fibers dissolve immediately and the substances of interest are released into the liquid.

Methods Of Diagnosing Or Treating Prostate Cancer Using The Erg Gene, Alone Or In Combination With Other Over Or Under Expressed Genes In Prostate Cancer

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The present invention relates to oncogenes or tumor suppressor genes, as well as other genes, involved in prostate cancer and their expression products, as well as derivatives and analogs thereof. Provided are therapeutic compositions and methods of detecting and treating cancer, including prostate and other related cancers.

Isolation And Detection Of Cancer Cells

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Provided are methods of using polycarbonate filters to isolate and detect cancer cells in a biological fluid, particularly biological fluids, such as urine, that contain very low concentrations of cancer cells. The characterization of the isolated cells for the presence or absence of cancer specific proteins is useful for cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Compositions Containing Amino Acids, Phosphate And Manganese And Their Uses

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The invention provides methods of producing vaccines directed against microorganisms, with the methods comprising culturing, harvesting and/or suspending the microorganism in the presence of a radiation-protective composition and irradiating the bacteria or viruses with a dose of radiation sufficient to render the microorganism replication-deficient and/or non-infective.


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