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Reusable Tamper Indicating Transport Tube

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A reusable tamper indicating transport tube that can be used to securely transport large drawings and other documentation without damaging or distorting them. The tamper-evident tube comprises an outer tube, an inner tube, an outer cap, an inner tube cap, an inner tube locking mechanism, and an outer tube locking mechanism that is affixed to the peripheral surface of the outer cap.

Tamper Evident Cargo Seal

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A tamper-evident cargo seal is disclosed, comprising a pin that is passed through a hasp on a shipping container, a body member, a pair of parallel guide members, at least one security label blank, and a cover. One end of the pin is keyed. The body member has a slot through a side surface extending into the interior, and is keyed to receive the pin.

Secure Manhole Accessway

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An enhanced security manhole cover is disclosed, comprising a frame, outer cover, inner cover, crossbar, saddle, eyebolt, and padlock. The inner cover, which closes the lower opening in a manhole, includes a detent in the top surface for receiving the eyebolt. The crossbar is positioned above the inner cover and engages the walls of the frame.

Reusable Tamper Evident Envelope

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A reusable tamper-evident envelope includes a first substrate, a second substrate superimposed on the first substrate, at least one auxiliary substrate superimposed on and joined along one edge to the second substrate, and at least one seal along all but one edge joining the first substrate to the second substrate.

Jacketed Bullet

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A jacketed bullet having a penetrator constructed of a hard material in line with a slug having a lower modulus. At least a portion of both the slug and the penetrator are then encased by a metal jacket. A plurality of circumferentially spaced and axially extending flutes are formed along the slug and possibly the penetrator.

Apparatus And Method For Safely Depressurizing Milling Vials

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The invention is an apparatus and method for safely depressurizing milling vials. The invention utilizes a machinist vise in communication with a pneumatic air cylinder mounted in a jig inside glove box enclosure. The invention utilizes a method for safely depressurizing milling vials. The milling vials are placed into the machinist vise inside the enclosure.

Method For Terminating A Rope

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A method for terminating a rope sliding a socket over the rope which includes unlaying the outer strands of the rope, sliding a wedge onto the core such that the outer strands surround the wedge, the wedge includes a central bore axially aligned with the socket, further sliding the wedge such that the core enters the central bore and is terminated by the wedge, pressing the outer strands of the


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