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Device For And Method Of Computer Intrusion Anticipation, Detection, And Remediation

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Electronic network security by establishing a network topology, including multiple devices, where the network includes a command and control layer and a transport layer, where the command and control layer is changeable by the transport layer and vice versa. All phases of an intrusion attempt are monitored to anticipate an intrusion, prevent an intrusion, and remedy a successful intrusion.

Method Of Controlling A Transaction

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A method of securely authenticating a user's response to a challenge request before completing a transaction is disclosed. When a user wishes to complete a transaction, an image is projected onto the user's face. The user reads the image in a mirror and responds accordingly. If the user identifies the correct image, the transaction is allowed to proceed.

Device For And Method Of Determining Changes To Gui

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A device and method of determining changes to a graphical user interface (GUI) that does not require the use of a configuration file or the use of data from a previous operation of an application computer program by identifying a program currently running, determining a first tree structure for the GUI, identifying a communication from the program to the GUI, returning to the third step if the

Device For And Method Of Measuring Similarity Between Sets

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The present invention is a device for and method of measuring similarity between sets using a union block, three function blocks, an adder, a subtractor, and a divider. The first set is fed into the first function block and the first input of the union block. The second set is fed into the second function block and the second input of the union block.

Method Of Image-Based User Authentication

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A method of authenticating a user by capturing an image of the user, assigning a user-name, selecting an image category, selecting a pattern, selecting locations on the user's face, assigning a rotation-value, logging onto a computer, presenting images, where some images are in the image category, selecting images that are the pattern away from the images in the image category, calculating

System And Method For Multi-Segment Center Point Trajectory Mapping

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A computer implemented method of mapping of multiple regional center point trajectory movements of cavity walls is provided in which images are acquired and a region-of-interest is identified in each of the images. The region-of-interest is divided into a plurality of distinct regions and a regional center point for each of the regions is located in the images.

Device For And Method Of Network Routing

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A device and method of routing traffic in a network by receiving the network, assigning a maximum temperature value to gateway nodes, calculating temperature values for router nodes, determining self-utilization values for nodes, determining neighborhood-utilization values for router nodes, determining pressure values for gateway nodes, determining pressure values for router nodes, identifying

Biomimetic Voice Identifier

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A device for voice identification including a receiver, a segmenter, a resolver, two advancers, a buffer, and a plurality of IIR resonator digital filters where each IIR filter comprises a set of memory locations or functional equivalent to hold filter specifications, a memory location or functional equivalent to hold the arithmetic reciprocal of the filter's gain, a five cell controller a

Device For And Method Of Identifying Minimum Candidate Codewords For List Decoder

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A device and method of determining candidates to decode by receiving a message, selecting m, identifying m voltages in message near zero volts, generating binary version of message, generating candidates that are variations of the binary message by varying the m positions, multiplying a modified binary message by the parity check matrix of the message, generating a matrix of the rows of the par

Device For And Method Of Language Processing

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The present invention is a device for and method of language processing that includes a communication database of communications, a transcription database of transcripts for the communication, an extractor for extracting a visual representation of each communication, a first displayer for displaying a visual representation of a communication and its transcription, a segmentor for segmenting a v


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