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Electroactive Polymer Based Supercapacitors Including A Cathode Having Bbl Or Pyr-Bbl

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A process used to cast films including; mixing Pyr-BBL and a room temperature molten salt from a range of about 35:65 weight ratio, dissolving the mixture in about 1% methanesulfonic acid to produce a Pyr-BBL solution, drop casting the solution onto glass or gold coated glass at 140 C. in air and heating for about 2 hours to produce films, drying the films in a vacuum oven at about 100 C.

Method For The Formation Of Pbse Nanowires In Non-Coordinating Solvent

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This disclosure concerns a method of making nanowires in a single flask and in non-coordinating solvent involving the reaction of PbO with oleic acid to produce Pb oleate, heating the Pb oleate to a preferred temperature with additional coordinating ligands, injecting a solution of Se to produce a second solution, heating the second solution, and maintaining the temperature, resulting in nuclea

Multi-Function Reconfigurable Delta Sigma Dac

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An interleaved digital to analog converter (DAC) includes at least a first signal path and a second signal path. The DAC further includes at least a first high speed DAC and a second high speed DAC each having an input and an output. The first signal path and the second signal path are electrically coupled to the first high speed DAC input and the second high speed DAC input, respectively.

Infrared Laser

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Laser devices are presented in which a graphene saturable absorber and an optical amplifier are disposed in a resonant optical cavity with an optical or electrical pump providing energy to the optical amplifier.

Variable Gap Tunnel Junction Switch

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A variable gap switch includes a first electrode having a first gap surface; a second electrode having a second gap surface, the second gap surface formed in an initial fluid state that hardens to substantially conform to the first gap surface, the first electrode being moveable with respect to the second electrode; an alignment guide providing substantially parallel and substantially opposed a

System And Processor Implemented Method For Improved Image Quality And Enhancement

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System and method for image improvement comprising providing a plurality of frames; determining the value of each pixel within each frame to form a first array of pixel values; selecting pixel locations within a frame; summing the intensity values of those pixels; multiplying the pixels in the first array by the summation of intensity values for selected pixel locations to produce a first produ

Low-Dimensional Material Chemical Vapor Sensors

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A method of making a low-dimensional material chemical vapor sensor comprising exfoliating MoS2, applying the monolayer flakes of MoS2 onto a SiO2/Si wafer, applying a methylmethacrylate (MMA)/polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) film, defining trenches for the deposition of metal contacts, and depositing one of Ti/Au, Au, and Pt in the trench and resulting in a MoS2 sensor.

Hand-Held Device With Reagents And Method For Detection And Diagnostics

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A hand-held device and method of processing a biological threat agent sample such that any infectious organism is rendered harmless while preserving it for subsequent testing, the method comprising placing a sample comprising a biological threat agent in a reservoir; adding a first reagent comprising peracetic acid in sufficient concentration to reach a predetermined minimal concentration after

Soft Body Armor Durability Tester

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An assembly for testing a durability of a soft body armor system includes a top mounting assembly, a bottom mounting assembly, the soft body armor system being fixedly disposed between the top mounting assembly and the bottom mounting assembly, a rotary actuator coupled to the top mounting assembly, the rotary actuator configured to rotate the top mounting assembly in a range of approximately +


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