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Self-heating, self-hydrating pouch to simultaneously hydrate and heat completely or partially dehydrated food or beverage products in said pouch

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A self-heating, self-hydrating pouch to simultaneously heat and hydrate a prepackaged, partially or completely dehydrated food or beverage product that is stored in the pouch. The pouch comprises multiple layers of material that prevent the transmission of water and gasses thereby preventing deterioration of the prepackaged food or beverage product.

Advanced signal processing filter

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A filter, and method of the filtering, for increasing the signal to noise tio of relatively small and constant amplitude signals in the presence of relatively large and varying amplitude signals. The filter produces a filtered power level a(z) proportional to: ##EQU1## where x(i) are power realizations of the signal in a selected frequency bin, and i=1, 2, . . .

Multiple-antenna jamming system

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The Multiple-Antenna Jamming System (MAJS) is useful for missile-borne jamming of active protection system radars that operate in close proximity to the frequency band of the missile's radio frequency seeker. The MAJS utilizes multiple receiving and transmitting antennas to reduce shadowing effects due to the transmissive radome.

Compass and communication system

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A system and method indicate azimuth of a diver to a remote console. A compass sensor module on a headgear worn by the diver has a two-axis gimbal mechanism provided with a protective housing around ring and two orthogonal axis structures. A magnetic field sensor unit mounted on one axis structure provides magnetic field data signals representative of the azimuth faced by the diver.

Dodecahedron neutron spectrometer with tantalum proton absorber for aircraft

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A neutron spectrometer for aircraft is provided by a series of substrates covered by a solid-state detector stacked on an absorbing layer. As many as 12 substrates that convert neutrons to protons are covered by a layer of absorbing material, acting as a proton absorber, with the detector placed within the layer to count protons passing through the absorbing layer.

Digital camera system providing for control of a camera's operational parameters and image capture

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A digital camera system includes a digital image sensor, a memory coupled to the digital image sensor via a data bus, a microcontroller having control signal output ports and a data I/O port, and a bi-directional tri-state buffer coupled to the data I/O port and the data bus for passing data therebetween.

Primer removal tool

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A primer removal tool comprising a starter tap, a holder for the starter tap, one or more setscrews passing through the holder and against the starter tap for securing the starter tap in the holder, a handle, a spacer bushing connected to the center of the handle, a shaft having one end connected to the starter tap holder and the other end connected to the spacer bushing, and a knurled slider o

Dragless flight control system for flying objects

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The Dragless Flight Control System for Flying Objects utilizes paired fins that are mounted to rotate in opposite directions. When no lift is desired during the object's flight, the fins are completely retractable into their housings recessed into the body of the object. This minimizes the drag. The fins are set to a maximum no-stall angle relative to the body axis of the flying object.

Radar beam steering with remote reflectors/refractors

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A reflected energy detecting device includes a transmitter for transmitting an electromagnetic signal and a receiver for receiving a reflected electromagnetic signal. An antenna may be operatively connected with the transmitter and the receiver for radiating the electromagnetic signal and capturing the reflected electromagnetic signal and the antenna may be movable.

Adjustable emergency V-belt

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An adjustable emergency use v-belt is formed with a tapered end having a plurality of teeth and a housing adapted to engage and hold the teeth when inserted into the housing to allow the belt to be adjusted to the desired length when replacing the normal v-belt used in vehicular applications.


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