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Technology Summaries

Zinc-Coated Lead (The Use of Zinc-Plated Lead Wire to Create Bullets and Other Forms)

Researchers at the Army Environmental Research and Development Center (ERDC) have patented a ‘green’ solution for bullets and other lead objects that makes possible the performance and low costs associated with traditional lead designs. Patent filings No. 6,095,052 and No. 2004/0229076 describe the compaction of fine lead wire that has been electroplated or otherwise coated with zinc. This results in a lead-based product that satisfactorily inhibits corrosion and lead leaching when exposed to weather and water. These patents are available for licensing and commercialization.

Novel Software for Summarizing Text

The US National Security Agency seeks industry partners to license and commercialize a powerful text and data similarity software measure known as KODA. KODA has outstanding potential for applications such as text summarization, outline creation, data comparison, and query based data content searches for search engines, knowledge management and data mining, and analysis.