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Technology Summaries

Low Alloy, High Impact Toughness Steel

The US Air Force Research Laboratory at Eglin AFB has developed and scaled up to 200,000lb+ quantity USAF-96TM Steel. USAF-96 Steel is a low alloy steel that when thermally processed with the inventive method has the following typical values: an ultimate tensile strength of 245 ksi; yield strength at 0.2% offset of 187 ksi; elongation to failure of 13%; and an impact toughness as measured with a Charpy V-notch test @ -40oC of 30 ft-lb.

Optimized Route Finding for Air and Ground Vehicles

The US Army seeks industry partners to license and commercialize an advanced route finding technology for air  and ground vehicles . The Automated Impacts Routing (AIR) software provides users the ability to find optimized paths through airspace or ground space taking into consideration multiple and dynamic adverse conditions that can determine mission success or failure.