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Technology Summaries

A Method for Fabrication of High Performance ZnO Thin Film Transistors by Pulsed Laser Deposition

The US Air Force seeks a partner to license and commercialize its film deposition and device fabrication techniques for high performance indium-free TTFTs based on nc-ZnO. The combination of transparency, high mobility, and room-temperature processing makes the ZnO-TFT a very promising low-cost optoelectronic device for the next generation of invisible and flexible electronics.

Graphene Films and Method for Transfer

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has developed an innovative technique to transfer graphene sheets from one substrate to another via the use of thermal release tape. The technique enables clean and crackless graphene transfer for large scale device production. The size of the graphene film transferred is limited only by the available dimensions of the transfer tape.

Piezoelectric MEMS (PiezoMEMS) Patent Portfolio: Thin Film PZT Deposition, Development, Device Designs, and Testing

The US Army seeks a partner to license and commercialize its PiezoMEMS patent portfolio centered around PZT thin film-based PiezoMEMS technology with superior performance through the use of developed, tested, and patented fabrication methods, device designs, and testing methods