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The United States Air Force Research laboratory (AFRL) Information Directorate seeks industry partners to license and commercialize the Android Team Awareness Kit.

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The Technology: 

Sharing geospatial information within a team environment utilizing a highly mobile easy to use ubiquitous platform provides benefits for numerous industry, government and military users.

The AFRL has developed an Android based application with advanced collaborative geo-spatial sharing, and communication capabilities.


Civilian & Military capabilities include:
• Online and offline mapping (most standard formats), with a fast rendering engine
• Web Browser, JavaScript, API
• Collaborative mapping, including points, drawings, locations of interest, kml, maps
• Location marking, sharing, history
• Chat, file sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, streaming
• Navigation (walking/hiking, driving, also useful for some flying)
• Altitude profiling between locations, routes w/ DTED, SRTM
• Cell phone, WiFi, civilian radio controls, interface
• Skydiving tool (w/winds for better prediction)
• Hunting, Fishing, Ornithology, Wildlife Site Survey

Military unique capabilities (for US military users only) include:
• Site Survey Tool
• Targeting
• Mensuration (precise geo-location)
• Runway Survey Tools
• Military radio controls, messages, interface

• Mobile: Online and offline capabilities on an Android device
• Collaborative: Share and communicate with your team in real-time