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Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

Fixture that Can Stretch & Twist Materials in Multiple Dimensions Simultaneously

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through licensing a suite of advanced, reliable, and versatile test fixtures for material tensile and shear testing that allows for much more accurate determination of strength and stiffness properties. The base patent accommodates a choice of independent or simultaneous application of in-plane shear and multi-axial loadings on a swatch of material.

Thermally Repairable Composite

Composite materials that are subject to vibration and stress form small fractures and eventually fail irreversibly at the interface of the polymer matrix and the reinforcing fiber. The US Army and Drexel University have developed a solution to this problem by incorporating reversible bonds into polymer networks. The technology combines a furan-functionalized thermoset matrix and a maleimide-functionalized glass fiber.

Enhanced Stability of Metal-Organic Frameworks using Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

Metal organic frameworks are a leading class of porous materials for a wide variety of applications, such as gas storage, separations, catalysis, and even toxic gas removal. However, many MOFs that are highly active towards toxic chemicals are prone to decomposition due to moisture. Many efforts have focused on developing MOFs that are air-stable and water-stable so they can survive harsh field environments.


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