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Auditory Horizon for General Aviation

The United States Air Force seeks industry partners to license and commercialize an advanced technology that provides an Auditory Horizon for pilots. The Auditory Horizon provides pilots auditory feedback based on an airplane’s pitch and roll that allows the pilot to maintain spatial orientation in bad weather and when flying at night. The Auditory Horizon brings military situational awareness to General Aviation.

An Airborne Visibility Indicator

Researchers at the Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory have developed the Airborne Visibility Indicator (AVI). This novel cockpit instrument provides a flight crew with objective real-time visibility data as a countermeasure to the formidable aviation hazard known as Spatial Disorientation (SD). The AVI is a tool to assist aviators in making sound and informed mission decisions before entering instrument meteorological conditions.

Fast Rope

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division seeks a partner to commercialize a patented fast rope for use with helicopters that is resistant to wind and rotor downwash, and can be gripped nearer the attachment point for easier egress


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