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Environmental Technology

AutoSurvey(TM) Software System

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through patent licensing an easy to implement, real-time, adaptive software system for the collection of swath-type data that minimizes survey time while maintaining data quality and ensuring the desired coverage. AutoSurvey is applicable to all swath-type surveying systems with fixed angular footprints and where the quality of the swath edge data can be monitored by real-time sensors.

Zinc-Coated Lead (The Use of Zinc-Plated Lead Wire to Create Bullets and Other Forms)

Researchers at the Army Environmental Research and Development Center (ERDC) have patented a ‘green’ solution for bullets and other lead objects that makes possible the performance and low costs associated with traditional lead designs. Patent filings No. 6,095,052 and No. 2004/0229076 describe the compaction of fine lead wire that has been electroplated or otherwise coated with zinc. This results in a lead-based product that satisfactorily inhibits corrosion and lead leaching when exposed to weather and water. These patents are available for licensing and commercialization.

TDR Bridge Scour Monitoring System

Scour has been linked to nearly 95% of all severely damaged and failed highway bridges constructed over waterways in the United States (Leftor, 1993). This is a hazardous condition caused by currents transporting sediments away from bridge piers and similar structures during times of rapid river flow. Scour ablation and deposition can occur during a single high energy flow event, making it difficult to detect deterioration of the structural foundation. This is further complicated by the presence of ice and debris in the waterway.

Boat Capture System

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a device that makes it easier and safer to launch or land a boat in rough water. The device, inspired by the arresting cables used by jets landing on aircraft carriers, includes an automatic latch mounted to the boat’s hull, as well as guideposts and an expandable/retractable harness mounted on the trailer.

Porcelain-Enamel Coated Structural Steel

Researchers at the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) have developed a patent pending cement vitreous enamel coating for steel that is used to reinforce concrete (i.e. rebar, steel fibers, and metal plating). This porcelain coating more than triples the bond strength between concrete and steel, and prevents damaging steel corrosion. The ERDC is interested in licensing out the patent application (No.

Twisted Rudder

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division, seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a twisted rudder design that improves performance and reduces cavitation and rudder erosion.

Variable Height Bulkhead

Field personnel with the US Army Corps of Engineers – New York District (USACE), have developed a self-adjusting, variable height bulkhead for use along beaches and waterways where it is desirable to preserve the view, but control is needed against wave action and storm surges. The USACE is interested in cooperative research and development efforts for this technology, and in licensing out its pending patent (Pat. Appl.


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