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Medical & Biotechnology

Body Cooling Garment

The US Army Natick Soldier Center (NSC) seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a body cooling garment which utilizes fluid-carrying tubes and provides both air and vapor permeability to make a flexible, comfortable garment. This garment is breathable and launderable, and will maintain comfortable core body temperature in extreme environments, or under abnormal weather conditions such as heat waves.

Readily Available, Specific, Plant Based, Endotoxin Removal Agent

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through licensing a family of selective, effective, plant based polyphenolic polymers for the removal of endotoxins. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are widely found in higher plants including teas, grapes, and cranberries. PACs have been associated with potential positive health benefits including antibacterial and cardio-protective properties.

High Resolution, Large Field of View, Long Working Distance Microscope at a Fraction of Existing Cost

The U.S. Air Force seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a microscopy/lithography technology that corrects for a variety of aberrations in lenses and mirrors. This allows for the use of inexpensive, imperfect optics as the objective lens to image objects with sub-micron resolution. This invention has been reduced for 2D but is equally applicable for 3D imaging.


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