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Medical & Biotechnology

Top Loaded Twin Cell Calorimeter System with Removable Reference

The United States Navy seeks industry partners to license and commercialize an advanced Calorimeter design that provides a top loaded twin cell with a removable reference. The advance Calorimeter design allows for the quick change of reference samples in a high density platform. This design provides advanced data measurement capabilities for faster and more accurate heat flow and thermal analysis of chemical reactions for material design.

Tissue Cooling Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Treatment of open wounds has long been a troublesome area in the practice of medicine. Open and complex wounds heal more slowly than other wounds, and are susceptible to higher infection rates. The US Naval Medical Center at Portsmouth is developing a system that combines negative pressure wound therapy for improved healing, with localized cooling of tissue through a cryostatic foam dressing to reduce infection.

Warfighter Sleep Kit

The United States Transportation Command and the Air Mobility Command seek industry partners to license and commercialize a warfighter sleep kit. For the warfighter, adequate sleep is essential to survival. This easy-to-use kit includes all the tools and information needed to allow individuals to take actions and follow procedures in order to increase their alertness and job effectiveness.


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