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Photonics & Sensors

AutoSurvey(TM) Software System

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through patent licensing an easy to implement, real-time, adaptive software system for the collection of swath-type data that minimizes survey time while maintaining data quality and ensuring the desired coverage. AutoSurvey is applicable to all swath-type surveying systems with fixed angular footprints and where the quality of the swath edge data can be monitored by real-time sensors.

Generation of Biomaterial Microarrays by Laser Transfer Biological Laser Printing - BioLP (TM)

The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a method for rapidly depositing patterns of active biomolecules and living cells utilizing a focused laser pulse onto various surfaces that could be used, for example, to fabricate protein arrays for proteomics analysis.

High Resolution, Large Field of View, Long Working Distance Microscope at a Fraction of Existing Cost

The U.S. Air Force seeks to commercialize through patent licensing a microscopy/lithography technology that corrects for a variety of aberrations in lenses and mirrors. This allows for the use of inexpensive, imperfect optics as the objective lens to image objects with sub-micron resolution. This invention has been reduced for 2D but is equally applicable for 3D imaging.


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