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Photonics & Sensors

TDR Bridge Scour Monitoring System

Scour has been linked to nearly 95% of all severely damaged and failed highway bridges constructed over waterways in the United States (Leftor, 1993). This is a hazardous condition caused by currents transporting sediments away from bridge piers and similar structures during times of rapid river flow. Scour ablation and deposition can occur during a single high energy flow event, making it difficult to detect deterioration of the structural foundation. This is further complicated by the presence of ice and debris in the waterway.

Magnetic SERS Substrates – Enhanced Reproducibility and Lowered Detection Limit

The US Navy seeks to commercialize through licensing an easy-to-make, versatile substrate for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS). Even though SERS has been investigated for sensing purposes since 1974, the lack of off-the-shelf substrates and reproducibility have been the two key weak points that have prevented this useful technique from being more widely practiced.


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