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Chromium Removal from PVC Filters

The US Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing seeks a partner to license and commercialize a process represented in US patent no. 8,415,452, "Hexavalent Chromium and Total Chromium Removal from Polychlorinated Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Polymers"

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The Technology: 

Chromium metals and hexavalent chromium are known health hazards monitored in workplace environments. Occupation health professionals use PVC filters for the monitoring and analysis of the total chromium present in a workplace environment. However, chromium background is present in the PVC filters, and current analytical analysis methods lack the ability to discern environmentally harvested chromium materials, from chromium that is present as a result of manufacturing byproducts in the filters.

The patented method uses hydrogen peroxide and heat to remove the background concentration of chromium from the filters, permitting more accurate measurements of hexavalent and total chromium present in workplace environments. The process also can be used to remove chromium during the PVC polymer manufacturing process.


• A non-destructive process for removing residual chromium
• No structural changes to the PVC filter membrane
• More effective than use of other reagents for this purpose

The Opportunity: 

• Issued US patent 8,415,452 is available for license
• Potential for collaboration with lab researcher
* No-cost licensing assistance available