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Enhanced Modular Advanced Technologies Civilian Marksmanship Proficiency

The U.S Navy seeks to commercialize a marksmanship instructor support training feedback system for use at the live-fire range.

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Direct measures of marksmanship performance and problem shooter diagnosis
Direct measures of marksmanship performance and problem shooter diagnosis
The Technology: 

Basic marksmanship training can consume a large number of resources (manpower, range, time, ammo). Approximately 15-20% of trainees that are problem shooters can consume 50% or more of these training resources. Therefore, rapid and accurate identification of performance problems is essential to reducing the total cost of basic rifle marksmanship training. However, instructors/coaches do not have access to direct measures of student performance on key marksmanship concepts (trigger control, aim point, hold, stability, breath control, etc.) at the live-fire range to assist with assessment and diagnosis of performance.  Instead, they must rely on fall of shot heuristic and indirect observation, and the root cause of the shooter’s poor marksmanship is not always readily apparent even to an experienced instructor. A need exists to provide instructors access to additional measures of basic marksmanship performance at the live-fire range. 

The Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division, has developed reconfigurable small arms instrumentation kit of performance assessment tools (MAT-MP) for use on live fire range by marksmanship Instructors and coaches. Sensors, a miniature camera, and beam splitting assembly are temporarily attached to the problem shooters rifle in less than five minutes. Data is wirelessly transmitted to the instructor tablet computer. The instructor assistant software displays through sight video and sensor data for each shot or series of shots. Performance summary data is displayed in a stop light fashion for key fundamental metrics (e.g. trigger squeeze data) and stored for instructor feedback and evaluation. MAT-MP is packed with electronics, neatly and snugly in a very small package. 


  • Rapid Evaluation:  System helps to focus attention on the root cause(s) of deficient performance.
  • Real-time Data: MAT-MP system does not interfere with the operation, feel or handling of the weapon.
  • Cost Savings: Reduces range time and ammunition consumption for shooter qualification.
The Opportunity: 
  • Pending US Patents available for license
  • Potential for collaboration with Army world class group of scientists
  • Additional information available at