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Fast Break Introducer Needle

The United States Air Force seeks a partner to license and commercialize a novel break away needle to facilitate rapid, safe and streamlined vascular access.

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The Technology: 

The 60th Medical Group at Travis Air Force Base, CA is developing improved devices for vascular access and hemostatic management. Currently, catheter insertion into blood vessels is accomplished by a multi-step process known as the Seldinger technique. An integral step is insertion of a needle, followed by introduction of a guidewire. Presently, this needle must be removed off the back end of the wire in order to allow introduction of a catheter or introducer sheath. This “back out” procedure over an unanchored guidewire adds an unnecessary step in catheter/sheath insertion that can result in inadvertently pulling out or contaminating the guidewire.
The present invention is a vascular access needle that can separate or “break way” following introduction of a guidewire. By eliminating the need to “back out” the needle over the wire, a sheath or catheter preloaded on a guidewire can be introduced in one easy step. This can be done at the manufacturing stage of vascular access kits and can be applied for both arterial and venous access devices.


• Decreases the number of steps to insert a catheter, sheath or other device into a vessel
• Eliminates the need to “back out” the introducer needle over the guidewire
• Enables a manufacturer to “preload” devices onto the guidewire for improved speed and accuracy of the insertion procedure
• Reduces the risk of dislodging the guidewire and contaminating the site

The Opportunity: 

• A provisional patent application has been filed
• CAD drawings available