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HATS: Hardened Alternative Trailer System

The Hardened Alternative Trailer System (HATS) was developed through collaborative efforts between the Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Geotechnical and Structural Laboratory and Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Physical Security Division, Research and Development Branch.

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The Technology: 

International Standardization Organization (ISO) freight containers and other pre-fabricated units are commonly used to house personnel where temporary and rapidly deployable shelters are required. HATS, and a method of manufacturing the system, were devised for the protection of personnel and high-value assets when located in areas subject to threats of ballistics, fragmentation, blast, and forced entry. The system can be economically produced and delivered to a field location where needed without requiring assembly capabilities. Field applications of the containers may include data storage, personnel housing, medical units, and command/communications centers.


The protection of civilian personnel and assets housed in containerized units requires structural integrity to withstand intense ballistic, forced entry, and blast pressure. Existing prefabricated units often require construction or welding skills to add reinforcement when fielded, and lack integrated protection against hostile threats and forced entry. HATS units economically meet these criteria and are rapidly deployable with minimal requirements for installation.

The Opportunity: 

The Army is seeking non-exclusive licensees with interest in commercializing US Patent Application No. 13/886,248, “Hardened Alternative Trailer System,” filed May 2, 2013.