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IDEO™: Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis

The US Army has developed an energy storing ankle/foot orthosis and a high intensity, progression-oriented rehabilitation program proven to return severely injured patients back to a high level of activity.

The Technology: 

IDEO™ (Intrepid Dynamic Exoskeletal Orthosis) is a customizable energy-storing device that is designed to support and protect an extensive array of lower extremity limb injuries. IDEO™ has quantified advantages over existing braces and orthoses in terms of patient comfort and performance. The device supplies energy storage and return capabilities that an injured ankle is no longer able to provide.

In particular, the IDEO™ returns considerable functionality to patients that have undergone ankle fusion procedures and even enables many patients with nerve and muscle loss to forgo ankle fusion or tendon transfer. The IDEO™ device is modular throughout the rehabilitation period to adapt to a patient’s changes in strength and motion. Once the patient has progressed to an adequate level of recovery, the initial modular IDEO™ is replaced with a lighter, more dynamic definitive IDEO™ system that has enabled dozens of wounded soldiers to return to duty.

Additional non-proprietary information on the technology:

  • High Performance: Quantified increased performance in a variety of areas, including a 29% reduction in forty-yard dash time compared to the next best available technology.
  • Simple and Comfortable: IDEO™ wearers find the device easy to use and wear it a median of 10 hours before experiencing discomfort, nearly 10 times longer than competing technologies.
  • Proven Technology and Protocol: More than 220 injured warfighters have used the IDEO™ and participated in the “Return to Run” rehabilitation program designed for patients utilizing the device.
The Opportunity: 
  • Published US patent application 2012/0271214 and foreign rights available for license.
  • Additional information available under a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Potential for R&D collaboration with US Army inventors.


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