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Litter Rail System

The US Army seeks a partner to license and commercialize a standardized system to attach a wide array of surgical and medical products and devices to a stretcher or litter

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The Technology: 

The US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command has developed a rail system that enables the transformation of a standard NATO litter into a highly functional operating table or ICU bed. The rails provide a standardized means of attaching a broad range of medical devices, monitors, and products.

The Army’s invention is a means to connect the rails commonly found in operating rooms to stretchers and litters, thus greatly enhancing the capabilities of the platforms by the ready attachment of the full suite of surgical equipment. The result is the ability to employ advanced capabilities in emergency and field operations outside the traditional operating room environment.


• Simple, Secure Attachment: Provides quick, easy, and solid attachment points on a litter for medical equipment compared to improvised methods such as clamps
• Standardized: Compatible with the current NATO litter and a broad range of existing medical and surgical equipment
• Durable and Manufacturable: The rails are lightweight, compact, corrosion-resistant products that are easy to manufacture, transport and store

The Opportunity: 

• A pending US patent application and a technical design package are available for license
• A fully functional prototype is available
• Potential for collaboration with US Army Medical researchers
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