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Modular Protective System Multipurpose Guard Tower

When we send our men and women to war, we owe them equipment designed to keep them as safe as humanly possible and that enhances their ability to accomplish the mission. The Modular Protective System (MPS) Multipurpose Guard Tower satisfies these requirements with a lightweight, rapidly-constructed protection system that can be expediently deployed in remote locations and accommodate crew-served weapons systems. This unique, government patent-pending guard tower was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Research and Development Center (USACE-ERDC). Developed under the Deployable Force Protection Program, this effort enhances soldier protection on small contingency bases while also providing next generation designs to accommodate maneuvers against enemy attacks.

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The Technology: 

The MPS Multipurpose Guard Tower is capable of providing over watch for entry control point and perimeter protection. The system can be configured as an elevated guard tower, mounted on its Quadcon container, or positioned for ground-level fighting. Protection is provided by a multi-layered armor panel system that allows security demands to be tailored based on the threat level. Protection capabilities against small arms, indirect fire and blast threats for the system have been validated through laboratory and field demonstrations.


A five-man team can construct the elevated guard
tower, or disassemble and repack it, in just two hours without special tools or
equipment.  Lightweight and compact, MPS
Multipurpose Guard Tower units are stowed and transported in a Quadcon by
truck, ship, or sling loaded under a helicopter for rapid transport.

The Opportunity: 

The Army is seeking non-exclusive licensees with interest in commercializing US Patent App. No. 13/61,798,104, “Modular Protective System (MPS) Expedient Guard Tower and Fighting Position,” filed March 15, 2013.