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Pinless Connector

The US Navy seeks a partner to license and commercialize a pinless connector that replaces traditional pins of pinned connectors.
Traditional pinned connectors in high mating applications are extremely susceptible to fatigue and damage. Frequent disconnect of connector cables leads to bent pins, pushed pins, and corrosion. Under these occurrences, the diagnostic effort to pinpoint these issues is expensive, time-consuming, and all too frequent.

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Remove pins, replace them with infrared connection
Remove pins, replace them with infrared connection
The Technology: 

Developed by a US Navy R&D lab with a patent pending, the pinless connector replaces the traditional pins of pinned connectors with IR transceivers. Fitting the standard MIL-spec connector, the pinless connector is a drop-in replacement and has a ~1Mbps transmission rate using the serial infrared protocol. The current prototype supports full duplex, simultaneous communications across three ARINC 429 channels. Work is underway to move this technology to other bus protocols, such as Ethernet and MIL-STD-1553.
Potential Applications:
• Aviation Support Support Equipment• Medical Devices• Electronics in Dusty,  or Wet Environments

  • Longer Cable Life: Eliminates the fatigue and damage due to bent pins, pushed pins, and corrosion.
  • Low Switching Cost: Drop-in replacement using the standard MIL-spec connector.
  • Saves Time time and Money: No need for the frequent diagnostic efforts to pinpoint and repair damaged pins.
The Opportunity: 
  • US patent pending
  • Potential for collaboration with world-class Department of Defense diagnostic experts.
  • Additional information available at