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Reinforced Slewing Bearing

The US Army seeks a partner to license and commercialize a reinforced slewing bearing system that integrates a pair of nested catch-rings to protect against bearing failures during extreme loading events

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The US Army has developed and deployed a reinforced slewing bearing system to protect against bearing failures during extreme loading events. An additional 10,000-lbf thrust capacity is realized.
The Technology: 

The US Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal has developed, tested, and deployed a reinforced slewing bearing system that protects against bearing failures resulting from extreme loading conditions.  The reinforced slewing bearing incorporates a simple yet elegant annular catch-ring system which consists of concentric rings with opposing, angled faces mounted to the bottom surface of the inner and outer bearing races and separated by a small gap.  Sufficient deformation of the slewing bearing causes the gap to close as the inner and outer catch-rings make contact and absorb the imposed load, thus preventing bearing failure.

The reinforced bearing system, designed by ARDEC engineers to prevent bearing failures on military transport vehicles with rotating turrets associated with rollover events, has been field deployed on over 8,000 vehicles in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The ARDEC technology provides a 10,000-lbf improvement in maximum failure load, essentially doubling the thrust capacity of the considered bearing configuration. The catch-ring system is a bolt-on accessory and may be preconfigured on new bearing assemblies or added directly to bearings in service.

  • Increased Thrust Capacity:  Nested catch-ring assembly provides a 2X improvement in thrust capacity for evaluated bearing configurations
  • Versatile:  May be field deployed to existing bearings as an accessory kit or bolted directly onto bearing assembly during manufacturing  
  • Added Safety: Reinforced bearings provide added protection against unexpected loading, protecting investments in equipment and machinery
The Opportunity: 
  • Successfully deployed by US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • US Patent 8,678,655 is available for license
  • ARDEC engineers available for consultation