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Natural Language Processing Text Summarization Software

The US Navy seeks licensees to commercialize a unique algorithm that provides improvements in natural language text summarization  

Text summarizers are software programs used to transform a body of text into a generally shorter and more concise body of text. Such programs assist with activities such as news reporting, financial reporting, electronic health record keeping, and legal analysis. Summarization is a hard problem in Natural Language Processing (NLP) because, to do it properly, one has to really understand the point of the text. Thus, text summarizers typically require a user to program the summarization rules into the software to make the summarizer specific to an application domain. This process is time consuming, error-prone, burdensome, and requires a proficiency in knowledge-based programming. Furthermore, traditional text summarizers do not offer the flexibility to adapt to the writing style of particular individuals.

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natural language text summarization  code
SSC Pacific’s machine learning algorithm can automate data entry, replacing manual input in document management systems
The Technology: 

Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (SSC Pacific) in San Diego has developed an advanced algorithm that can automatically learn summarization rules based on user input and implement the summarization rules without user programming. The Navy algorithm generates text summarization rules in real-time. It then anticipates the user’s data entry and completes sentences and phrases when it recognizes a pattern. This results in lower cycle-time and higher enterprise quality, which enables core processes to operate at higher productivity.


  • Reduce Costs: The machine learning algorithm facilitates data entry and reduces transcription costs
  • Improve Quality: The software automatically summarizes text in real-time based on previous usage patterns - one of the best opportunities to improve data quality
  • Improve Productivity: Speed up data-entry tasks
The Opportunity: 
  • Issued US patent 7,925,496 is available for license.
  • The algorithm has been developed and tested for a database record entry application.
  • Further development is possible under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). 

U.S. Navy inventor and licensing contacts are available through TechLink. Additional details and information available at