News | Apr 2, 2019

14 reasons why your business needs to connect with TechLink

Today alone, the Navy got 14 patents on new technologies available for licensing

The federal government has over 700 laboratories, and every day the scientists and engineers in them develop new technologies to meet the government’s immediate goals and needs.

Once those inventions are protected by patent law, they become available to qualified businesses for use in new products and services that go beyond the government’s needs or intent.

Today alone, the U.S. Navy received 14 U.S. patents on technologies ranging from long-range radio communications to renewable fuel.

  1. 10,250,283 – Digital frequency locked loop for wideband communications channels requiring extreme Doppler compensation and low signal to noise ratio (Patent PDF)
  2. 10,249,947 – Multi-mode conductive liquid antenna (Patent PDF)
  3. 10,249,927 – Cochlea-based microwave channelizer (Patent PDF)
  4. 10,249,403 – P(CN)3 reactions with lithium dicynamide producing metallated carbon phosphonitride extended solids (Patent PDF)
  5. 10,249,025 – Atmospheric channel characterization system and method using target image information (Patent PDF)
  6. 10,248,157 – Sample clock source for digital data systems (Patent PDF)
  7. 10,247,853 – Adaptive ecosystem climatology (Patent PDF)
  8. 10,247,848 – Helium gas proportional counter (Patent PDF)
  9. 10,247,781 – Compact electronics test having user programmable device interfaces adapted for use in proximity to a radiation field (Patent PDF)
  10. 10,247,716 – Antibody and recombinant derivative for the detection of trinitrotoluene (Patent PDF)
  11. 10,247,526 – Explosive initiation safety and handling system for explosive ordnance disposal robots (Patent PDF)
  12. 10,246,655 – High-density renewable fuels from santalenes (Patent PDF)
  13. 10,246,654 – High-density renewable fuels based on barbatene and thujopsene (Patent PDF)
  14. 10,246,514 – Single domain antibodies that bind to human CD20 (Patent PDF)

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