About TechLink

Our mission is to guide U.S. businesses into mutually beneficial agreements with the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, making a bridge for federal inventions to become real-world products and services.

What We Do

TechLink’s primary activity is marketing new inventions from the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs and navigating businesses and entrepreneurs through the licensing process.

We help companies:

  • Evaluate federal inventions
  • Develop high-quality license applications and commercialization plans
  • Partner with DoD and VA inventors for joint research and development
  • Gain access to unique research facilities
  • Compete more effectively for federal SBIR/STTR funding for new technology development

In addition, TechLink conducts:

Who We Work With

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense has approximately 120 labs and research facilities nationwide, involving the Air Force, Army, Navy, and specialized agencies such as the National Security Agency. TechLink has facilitated partnerships with most of these research centers, linking them with private industry for technology licensing, transfer, and joint R&D. TechLink is a Department of Defense Partnership Intermediary for Technology Transfer per Authority 15 USC 3715.

Department of Veterans Affairs

For more than 90 years, the VA Research and Development program has been improving the lives of military veterans and all Americans through health care discovery and innovation. From developing new drugs and prosthetic devices to studying the delivery of health care, VA researchers working at medical centers throughout the nation address a wide range of health care issues. TechLink is a Department of Veterans Affairs Partnership Intermediary for Technology Transfer per Authority 15 USC 3715.

Companies of All Sizes

We assist companies ranging in size from one-person start-ups to Global 100 corporations. Most have fewer than 100 employees. Through TechLink’s expert guidance, companies can access new federal inventions, greatly leverage their R&D investments, and successfully develop federal technologies into real products and services.

Who We Are

TechLink is a center within Montana State University’s Office of Research and Economic Development and serves as the university’s main outreach arm to the high-tech sector in the state, region, and nation.  For an overview of TechLink’s various activities, see http://www.montana.edu/techlink.

TechLink is the DoD and VA’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer. We have been helping the Department of Defense to establish licensing and other technology transfer agreements with U.S. industry since 2000. These agreements transfer DoD inventions to industry, enabling companies to create new products and services, and stimulating economic development. TechLink works nationwide and has helped to transfer more than 1,000 DoD inventions to industry for conversion into new products and services. TechLink-facilitated agreements since 2000 have generated approximately $1.6 billion in sales (per a study in 2015) and $4.4 billion in economic impact.

In 2019, TechLink was selected by the VA to commence marketing and licensing activities in support of the VA Technology Transfer Program.

Our technology managers have expertise in many industry areas including advanced materials and nanotechnology, aerospace, electronics, environmental technology, medical and biotechnology, photonics and sensors, and software and information technologies. By understanding the technology needs and strengths of both industry and federal labs, our technology managers excel at developing productive partnerships that transform innovative research into products, jobs, and businesses.