News | Jun 18, 2019

Air Force ‘super excited’ about new Space Control Laboratory in New Mexico

A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launches into the air from Launch Complex 41 during the AFSPC 11 launch at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Christopher Stoltz/U.S. Air Force

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The U.S. Air Force is building a new Space Control Laboratory at the Kirtland Air Force Base that officials say will bolster the nation’s space defense.

The Air Force Research Laboratory’s new facility will include office and lab space for 65 civilian and military contractors.

The 26,000 square foot laboratory will contain a 5,000 square-foot high-bay laboratory space and more than 5,000 square feet of secure office, laboratory and meeting space.

“I’m super excited about the building, I’m super excited about the team and I’m really excited about the mission that this enables,” said Col. Eric Felt, AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate director in a statement for the groundbreaking ceremony. “We are super excited to get going on this building and to keep looking after our nation’s technology needs for many years to come.”

The new laboratory, scheduled to open in July 2020, will study space warfighting technology and contain specialized labs and equipment.

“We are really looking forward to having sufficient amount of space in order to collaborate with our industrial partners, our international partners and partners within the government that we have many projects that we are collaborating on,” said Brian Engberg, space control technologies branch chief. “This facility will be a great step forward in being able to bring us all together.”

Qualified U.S. businesses can repurpose technologies invented at Air Force labs.

TechLink, the Air Force’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer, lists hundreds of technologies that are available for license and manufacturing or other commercial applications.