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An ‘innovation offense’ is the best defense for U.S. companies

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Companies of all sizes can brainstorm ways to innovate their products or services with inventions developed in U.S. government laboratories. TechLink helps companies license patented technologies at no cost.

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The new fiscal year is here and, if you’ve had a tough summer, you’re not alone. Trade tensions have many businesses and consumers acting cautiously.

“Consumers slowed spending and businesses cut back on investment in August, signs that a wobbling global economy and rising tariffs are sapping U.S. economic momentum,” the Wall Street Journal reported last week.

The best defense is a good offense, said Austin Leach, associate director of TechLink, a non-profit that helps companies acquire technologies from federal government labs.

“This year and next can be better,” Leach said. “It’s time to start filling your innovation pipeline now.”

Dr. Austin Leach, associate director of TechLink, helps businesses acquire innovations from federal laboratories.

After working for several years at a biotech company, Leach is now a tech transfer expert.

He helps businesses large and small, even new startups, leverage the scientific and technological advancements made by government scientists and engineers.

“New and improved products and services are just waiting to be developed,” Leach said.

For example, TechLink’s senior technology managers published eight new technologies this morning, each with intellectual property protections, which are available now to U.S. companies for commercial adoption.

“At most companies, growth relies on competitiveness and innovation,” Leach said.”Let us help educate you and your people on innovating with technology transfer.”

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