News | May 24, 2018

Army Research Laboratory expanding industry collaboration in Northeast

Scientists pitch inventions, paired with businesses to talk collaboration opportunities

Shashi Karna, a nanotechnology physicist at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, explains commercial applications of his patented carbon nanotube technology at a tech showcase in Newport, Rhode Island, on Thursday.

Troy Carter/TechLink

NEWPORT, R.I. ­– A group of Army scientists pitched their patented inventions on Thursday, an effort to welcome collaborative relationships that improve warfighter capabilities by engaging businesses in the technology discovery phase.

Shashi Karna, a physicist at the Army Research Laboratory, explained his patented work on using carbon nanotubes in reducing the size and weight of portable electronic devices.

Holding up his mobile phone, Karna said, “Every electronic gizmo uses an AC/DC converter. Using carbon nanotubes will make the converter components extremely lightweight.”

Dr. Melissa Flagg leads the Army Research Lab-Northeast region. (Troy Carter/TechLink)

The tech showcase was the initiative of Dr. Melissa Flagg, leader of the Army Research Laboratory’s Northeast region. We’re expanding cooperative business opportunities and challenging industry to step forward, she said.

“I’m in the neighborhood, I’m local, I want to come sit with you, understand what you do, and explain what we need,” Flagg told the businesses. “We can work together to expand Army capabilities. Come talk to me if you want to do business.”

The Army is expanding its research footprint to improve warfighter capabilities, develop talent pipelines, and expand access to the defense ecosystem. The freshly-minted ARL-Northeast is headquartered at Northeastern University in Burlington, Massachusetts, as part of ARL’s Open Campus Initiative.

Businesses exploring development opportunities were lined up by Molly Donohue Magee, executive director of the Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance and matched with ARL inventors by Mary Arthur, a technology transfer specialist at ARL. About 45 people attended.

TechLink, the Department of Defense’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer, was on hand to explain the patent licensing process, listing several recent successes.

“We’re the DoD’s experts in patent licensing. We market to and advise businesses on developing ARL inventions into new products and services,” said Dan Swanson, senior technology manager at TechLink.

Researchers and the inventions they pitched included:

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