Podcasts | Jun 9, 2018

Army researchers develop mobile app that helps optimize caffeine levels

Invented by a research team at the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the 2B-Alert mobile app is available to qualified businesses for development into new products and services

A paratrooper savors his morning cup of coffee.

John Hall/Army

The Army wants its soldiers awake but operational requirements often mean the troops don’t get much sleep.

In this episode of the High Speed, Low Drag podcast, Troy Carter, Laci McDowell, and Quinton King, discuss the Army’s 2B-Alert mobile app, which can optimize a user’s caffeine intake, i.e., how much coffee they drink, to maximize alertness.

While developed to support the warfighter, the patent-pending technology is available to businesses for non-military product development through a license agreement.

TechLink, the Department of Defense’s national partner for technology transfer, is facilitating Army licenses for the 2B-Alert app to businesses.

Companies interested in developing the app should contact King for no-cost licensing assistance.

Headshot Image of Quinton King, PhD, CLP

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