News | Apr 26, 2019

Go check this business ideas database right now. You might be surprised to see how many inventions are available

Few entrepreneurs know how to obtain government inventions. But those that do are finding success.

With global competition on the rise, it’d make sense that you’re willing to take extra steps to ensure your company is exploring new ideas–especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

To give U.S. businesses another source of innovation, Congress mandated that all federal laboratories make their inventions available for commercialization.

But to help businesses find the inventions and navigate the process of obtaining them, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs have contracted with TechLink, a center at Montana State University, to maintain a database of their available inventions. There are thousands of technologies in it.

When a company or entrepreneur identifies one of the inventions as a possible product or service, TechLink’s staff of certified licensing professionals provide expert guidance on engaging the inventors or laboratory, evaluating the technology’s readiness level, intellectual property rights, and how to secure a patent license agreement.

Whether you’re from a thriving business or are an entrepreneur craving a new project, this database is a big resource, and it’s constantly being updated with new inventions, each a potential business idea.

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