Podcasts | Oct 6, 2017

5 Available Technologies from Defense Laboratories

Listen as TechLink's staff discuss five military technologies that are available to businesses

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Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division engineer Dr. Linda Mullen demonstrates a laser used in underwater optics at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., on March 6. Mullen patented a new encoding method for laser imaging, which offers possibilities for both fleet and commercial use. (U.S. Navy Photo)

Interested in growing your business with technology, but lack the resources to develop new products? Leverage the government’s investment in military laboratories by licensing cutting-edge inventions directly from the Department of Defense. In this episode of the High Speed, Low Drag podcast, Troy Carter and Laci McDowell discuss five available technologies that were invented by military scientists and engineers.

The technologies mentioned in this episode are: low-energy desalination system, configurable shotgun shell, aircraft emissions tester, minimal reactance vehicle antenna, and target imaging in turbid medium.

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Is your business interested in one of these hot technologies?

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