Podcasts | Dec 21, 2017

Android Tactical Awareness Kit (ATAK) by the Air Force Research Laboratory

Listen to our latest podcast on the Air Force's ATAK software, which is available to businesses for product development

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Invented at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Information Directorate, dozens of companies have licensed the ATAK software for further development.

ATAK, used across the Department of Defense, offers collaborative online and offline mapping and navigation with a fast rendering engine including points, drawings, locations of interest, and point sharing.

The military technology includes chat, file sharing, photo sharing, video sharing, and streaming communications.

TechLink’s website is where companies start to get the Air Force’s ATAK software through a royalty-free license that is completed online. After a submitted license application is approved, companies will receive the software package from the laboratory.

Interested parties can go directly to TechLinkCenter.org or contact TechLink’s Sean Patten at spatten@montana.edu for guidance on how private companies can receive no-cost licensing assistance for ATAK, the ATAK Plugin, and related software.

Coming soon in 2018… the TAK Server, which will allow companies to create their own ATAK network.

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