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Brighter, Safer Flash-bang Grenade by the Army

Army offering design and technical package to industry partner for commercialization

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A flash-bang stun grenade detonates in the basement of a house. (Air Force file photo)

Update: The Department of the Army has granted an exclusive license to Savit Corporation for U.S. patent 8,161,883.

The U.S. Army is seeking a private-sector partner to license for commercialization a patented flash-bang grenade design that is brighter and safer than the standard M84 stun grenade.

The Army’s Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal developed, tested, and patented the improved design.

Flash-bang stun grenades are designed to confuse, disorient, or momentarily distract a potential threat. These devices are used by civilian law enforcement SWAT teams and the military when non-lethal force is necessary.

Using an innovative reaction chamber design, ARDEC’s flash-bang grenade is more than eight times brighter than the M84 and can temporarily incapacitate targets with flash blindness lasting three to five times longer.

“The present invention incorporates a very specific pyrotechnic formulation in combination with a very particular reaction chamber design, to momentarily contain or hold back the escape of the reaction, thereby providing a more controlled subsonic deflagrate flash-bang than possible in the prior art, i.e. achieving a higher level of energetic reaction and brighter/more intense flash, according to the Army’s patent.

“The reaction chamber, housed within the body of the flash-bang grenade, has a unique design which incorporates a rigid, non-fragmenting charge holder having a series of vent holes thereabout, and a consumable inner sleeve (i.e. within the charge holder) and a consumable outer sleeve (exterior to the charge holder)— both sleeves being so consumed by the explosive effect of the reaction.”

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