News | Jun 20, 2017

Fast Break Introducer Needle by Air Force Medical Service

The Air Force Medical Service seeks a private company to license and manufacture a needle that eliminates a problematic step in the Seldinger wire technique.

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Lt. Col. (Dr.) Maria Lahti, the 96th Medical Operations Squadron’s chief cardiologist, manipulates a catheter under X-ray into a patient’s heart’s arteries during a cardiac catheterization in 2016 at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (Air Force photo/Ilka Cole)

The six-step Seldinger wire technique is used for inserting catheters into central veins, installing pacemakers in the heart, inserting chest drains, visualizing the blood vessels, and other advanced medical procedures.

This Air Force invention is a vascular access needle that can split in half following the introduction of a guidewire. It eliminates the need to back the needle out over the guidewire.

Contact TechLink’s Dan Swanson to learn more about licensing this military technology and other medical technologies developed by the Air Force Medical Service.

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