News | Oct 4, 2018

Naval Postgraduate School spinning out technologies with express licensing

A team of NPS researchers prepares to launch an unmanned aerial vehicle during an experiment in swarming unmanned systems at Camp Roberts, California.

Matthew Schehl/NPS

MONTEREY, Calif. – The Naval Postgraduate School is making it easy for businesses to acquire cutting-edge technologies developed by students and faculty.

Last week the Navy school partnered with TechLink to reveal 64 patented technologies with predetermined legal and financial terms, which allow businesses to reach signed agreements quickly and access the technologies for the development of new products and services.

For example, the school’s low-cost drone swarm catapult can be non-exclusively licensed for $2,000.

“Our patent portfolio is really, really large and impressive for the size of our institution, but they’ve basically been sitting on a shelf and nobody knows about them,” said Agata Maslowska, technology transfer specialist at Naval Postgraduate School.

Naval Postgraduate School inventions are available to businesses and entrepreneurs who can use the technologies to make new or improved products and services. In addition to numerous unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, the school has patented Cubesat ion thrusters, small satellite coupling devices, and railgun barrels.

For businesses, TechLink’s express licensing portal provides a transparent, easy-to-use application process that allows them to start and submit online. By simplifying the process, express licensing reduces barriers to federal technology transfer.

“It really is about accessibility and availability,” said Deborah Buettner, director of NPS’s Research and Sponsored Programs Office. “Our technologies are much more approachable now because a small company can just click on one of these patents, say ‘this could really improve my product’ or ‘I could run with this technology and develop a product of my own,’ fill out a form online and get the ball rolling.”

TechLink, the DoD’s national partnership intermediary for technology transfer, is a nonprofit center located at Montana State University. The organization’s staff act as a neutral third party, helping businesses access inventions from defense laboratories at no cost.

And by partnering with TechLink, DoD laboratories can offer their inventions to industry partners with an accurate and efficient modern business system that reduces their workload.

“It’s good for both the warfighter and the economy when we can get these ideas transferred quickly,” said Joan Wu-Singel, senior technology manager at TechLink. “By listing them as express licenses, we can showcase these NPS technologies and create another avenue for success that moves at the speed of business.”

Click here to view the NPS catalog of available technologies.

Matthew Schehl, senior writer at the Naval Postgraduate School, contributed to this report.

Headshot Image of Joan Wu-Singel, CLP

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