News | Apr 25, 2019

Navy lab in Indiana applies for patent on machine vision software

Technology transfer option means businesses can repurpose government inventions

The U.S. Navy’s lab in Indiana has a researcher inventing software that can accurately and efficiently range objects using data from two or more digital cameras.

Inventor Buddy Aswin at the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane Division is combining the better qualities of “structure from motion” and “depth from defocus” measurement techniques in the new machine vision algorithm.

Uses for the technology include 3D mapping, target tracking, and passive range finding and fire control systems, according to the patent application posted Thursday.

The algorithm was tested with a thin lens model. More details on the technology are available in the patent application linked below.

Businesses can learn more about adopting the technology for commercial uses or products through a patent license agreement by contacting Sean Patten, senior technology manager at TechLink, who coordinates industry engagement with the Navy’s technology transfer office.

Contact Sean Patten at or 406-994-7721.