News | Apr 6, 2018

New multilayer tent reflects or traps heat

Navy researchers in Florida have come up with the ultimate pop-up tent design. It has reversible panels to create a shady oasis in the desert or keep you warm in the winter.

Everyone who has ever been camping knows that tents need a thermostat. You’re either waking up in a hot tent with sunlight beaming in or a breezy freezer.

The Navy-inspired thermal management tent has been created to solve both of these problems by reflecting infrared, visible and ultraviolet light either in or out using a two-layer, moveable panel system.

By blocking sunlight, the standoff layer on the outside of the tent keeps the inside cool. And reversing the panels makes the inside of the tent a heat trap.

The Navy team that conceived the energy efficient structure had deployed troops in mind, but the patented design is available to businesses that want to commercialize it for non-military customers.

Think of all the people traveling to overnight multi-day music festivals in the desert, or camping near the oddly hot and cold Grand Canyon.

Don’t stop your product imagination there. The concept also has the potential to become a comfortable ice fishing hut or deer hunting blind, made of readily-available materials like laminated sailcloth layered with Mylar.

The conceptual drawing in the patent is of a dome tent but many other types of pop-ups are available and you can certainly make the panels the shape of any reversible pop-up that you can imagine, said the inventors from the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Panama City, Florida.

Businesses interested in licensing the patented design to build new products can contact Dan Swanson, senior technology manager at TechLink, who interviewed the research team earlier this week.

TechLink, the Department of Defense’s national partnership intermediary, provides businesses with no-cost assistance, explaining the process of acquiring technologies from defense labs, which includes the development of a commercialization plan and a patent license application.

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