News | Jul 27, 2018

New Jersey firm quickly expanding catalog with DoD patent licenses

Newcomer Arms inks 13th technology transfer agreement with Air Force lab

Military load carrying equipment with a Ruck Dock hip belt receiver is shown. The Ruck Dock is a two-piece system that allows troops to distribute backpack weight to their legs with a quick detach mount. The technology was invented at the Air Force Research Laboratory's 711th Human Performance Wing and licensed to Newcomer Arms LLC of New Jersey.

Courtesy Newcomer Arms

PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. – His company is relatively small but the stack of patent license agreements with military laboratories on Darryl Nowak’s desk is growing large.

After learning how federal technology transfer works – the legal process that allows U.S. businesses to produce technologies invented by government laboratories ­– Nowak began shopping the DoD’s patent database like a supermarket.

On Tuesday, Nowak, through his company, Newcomer Arms, received his 13th non-exclusive patent license agreement from a military laboratory since his first on February 15. The latest license allows him to begin manufacturing a powdered training supplement.

Darryl Nowak is CEO of Newcomer Arms. (Troy Carter/TechLink)

The supplement combines electrolytes, vitamins, and protein and was designed at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s 711th Human Performance Wing, which also designed a unique backpack mount, known as the Ruck Dock, that Nowak licensed in February.

Another agreement signed last month with the Naval Air Warfare Center’s Aircraft Division allows Nowak to receive the formula for and begin manufacturing a special galvanic anode made of an aluminum alloy. The anode prevents corrosion on submerged metal structures.

“Just in time,” Nowak said. “I’m involved in a bid for a dive project that requires anode installation.”

Marti Elder, senior technology manager at TechLink, is guiding Nowak through the process and pointing out available technologies of interest. Elder helped Nowak also license a novel retractable rifle suppressor, advanced water purification kit (designed by the Army), a night vision mount, and a special body armor garment. Elder said Nowak has at least four more patent license applications in the works.

“Darryl is very aggressive. Every time we talk he’s just back from a tech event or closing a major deal,” said Elder.

While Nowak is an experienced naval construction consultant, he’s also a serial entrepreneur.

Among his endeavors are a military training camp, selling custom hunting rifles and shotguns, and he is growing as a dealmaker in the military and tactical gear markets, with customers in the U.S and foreign countries like the United Arab Emirates.

Much of his work directly supports his charity, the Newcomer Conservation Fund, which trains and equips anti-poaching rangers in Vietnam and Africa.

“In 2017 alone, poachers slaughtered more than 1,000 adult rhinos in South Africa,” Nowak said. “This has to end, we need to end this in our lifetime.”