Videos | Feb 21, 2017

The EZ-IO Technology for Giving Emergency IV Fluids

In emergency medicine, the time when patients need an IV the most is also when veins tend to disappear from the range of a traditional IV needle. Severe shock from injury or heart failure often causes peripheral veins to collapse in order to maintain circulation to vital organs such as the heart and brain. In such a situation, the EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System provides a rapid, near-foolproof way of getting lifesaving blood, fluids, or medicine into patients.

To date, roughly 3 million patients have been treated with an EZ-IO with thousands of lives saved. In the U.S., an EZ-IO kit is carried on 95% of all ambulances and in about 85% of emergency departments. The battery-operated device, about the size of a glue gun, has an impressive 97% success rate when used.

The EZ-IO is an example of the impact of the U.S. Air Force Small Business Innovation Research / Small Business Technology Transfer Program, which funds R&D by small businesses / cooperative R&D projects with small businesses and non-profit U.S. research institutions. The Air Force SBIR / STTR program focuses on projects and services with the potential to develop into a product for military or commercial sectors.

From 2000-2013, the Air Force invested nearly $4 billion in these R&D projects. Vidacare received funding during this period to develop the EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System. This is Vidacare’s story.

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