News | Aug 18, 2017

The TDAAS Searchable Data Technology at AEDC

Sure, engineers can make decisions in just a few hours—once they’ve spent weeks or months digging for the data they need to make the right decision. Thanks to a new information management system developed by RJ Lee Group with support from the Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, that data gathering process has been significantly streamlined. RJ Lee Group’s Test Data Aggregation and Analytical System (TDAAS) is now offering “Google-like” search capabilities and speed to appreciative engineers at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), at Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee.

The technology was developed to access the vast historical test data from wind tunnels and other test chambers at Arnold Air Force Base. A subsequent AEDC study estimated this new technology could ultimately help the DoD save billions of dollars in re-engineering and sustainment dollars.

Cleared 5-15-17 AEDC2017-114