A system that designs and optimizes component software

Allows for the evolution of complex software systems that are capable of fully utilizing massively parallel computers

Software & Information Technology

Modern programming methods commonly use Object Oriented Programming (OOP). A common language that uses this approach is C++. Its foundation is a structure that uses Objects (modules), which are mini programs designed for a specific task. For example, a sales program used in a retail setting might call an object “register”. Its only function is to compute the sales transaction. OOP is a popular programming approach, but has some limitations – OOP has problems with hardware interaction, is difficult to modify, and error detection usually occurs in the field, which is an inconvenience. One programming method used to reduce OOP limitations is Component Oriented Programming (COP). An example of a program that uses this method is Active X. COP is language-neutral and is not dependent on hardware. This method allows the program to function outside the system in which it was created.

This innovation is a system that allows for the design and development of Component Object Modules (COM) for COP. The system model creates, tests, and stores data in a file that can be accessed by any user. As the components are intended to work in any environment, the system is portable, reducing production cost.

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